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marți, 5 octombrie 2010

Faster-New Upcoming Movie

In Movie Theaters: November 24, 2010
Directed by: George Tillman
Starring: Dwayne Johnson
Billy Bob Thornton
Oliver Jackson-Cohen
Moon Bloodgood
Maggie Grace
Carla Gugino

A veteran cop (Billy Bob Thornton) and an assassin (Oliver Jackson-Cohen) track an ex-convict (Dwayne Johnson) who is on a mission to exact vengeance on his brother's killers.
Following a 10-year prison stint, Driver (Dwayne Johnson) sprints out the gates on a mission to exact vengeance on those responsible for his brother's murder. Within hours of dispatching his first victim, Driver has two men on his tail: a veteran police officer (Billy Bob Thornton) and an eager assassin (Oliver Jackson-Cohen). Driver tries to stay one step ahead of his pursuers, but there are hints that his list is incomplete, and his life may be further endangered by an unknown source.

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  1. This one looks like one worth seeing.

  2. i would watch this. he needs to make up for the tooth fairy.

  3. This is going to be interesting. Thanks for sharing. :)

  4. looks promising... i bet i'll see it ;)

  5. so the rock finally stopped doing disney flicks?

  6. awesome , great actors looks like a promising story and from the director who did men of honor , hmmmm , thanks

  7. I like this... btw, Beating Inertia has a new Q&A post!

  8. Great post!

    looking forward to reading the next one

  9. wow! great cast. looking forward to this movie.

  10. This looks like a winner! Thanks for the info!

  11. looking forward to this movie as well!